Department of Philosophy


Dept. data last updated on :29/11/2021


SOP of Seminar Library

The Department of Philosophy maintains clear operating procedures for optimum utilization of its resources. 

The Department has a well-stocked Seminar Library with approximately Five thousand books, excluding Thesis, Dissertations, and Journals etc. It facilitates faculties and students, as well as anyone who would like to use the books for academic purposes. The faculties, Research Scholars, and Post-graduate students of the Department can browse for books through the OPAC and issue/use the books per the Seminar rules. 

1.   Books are catalogued with the subjects in view of the Dewey Classification Scheme for each by Call Nos., in line with the procedure followed by the Maulana Azad Library of the University.

2.   Books are arranged in the Almirah subjects wise identified by call nos assigned by the Dewey Decimal classification scheme and the Prof. Bashiruddin table of Book nos., as followed in the Maulana Azad Library.

3.   The Post-graduate students have, in addition to access to all books of the Seminar, a section of books and materials specially allocated for them, in line with the MA curriculum and for NET/JRF preparation, so as to facilitate them in studying and preparing for competitive examinations. These books can be accessed/borrowed by signing in an issue register manually. For facilitating this process, a Seminar in charge is appointed.

4.   There is a fixed period and Quantity criteria for issuance of books for Teachers, Scholars and likewise MA Students. A Faculty can issue a maximum of 05 books for not more than one month, Scholar can issue only 03 books for 15 days, and likewise, Masters can issue 02 books for a week.

5.   There are some books in the Reserved Section which are meant to be accessed in the Seminar Library itself. For these, valid identity cards and entry in logs are required.

1.     There is a section of books written/composed/ published by our Faculty/Scholars etc.

2.     The thesis section is also a part of our Library Cadre, where we maintain the record of Thesis/ Dissertations/ Projects etc., of our own Faculties and Scholars in the Seminar Library.

3.     We have also facilitated the online Lab for searching/downloading various Journals, Articles or related information as to when or where needed.