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M.Sc. (Physics) CBCS






B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics / B. Sc. With Physics as one of the subjects studied in all three years and Mathematics as one of the subsidiary subjects with not less than 55% marks in aggregate and not less than 55% in Physics and Mathematics taken together.

Note: Candidate should refer to ‘Allowed Courses’ under ‘Important Information & Rules’ to ascertain whether s/he is permitted to apply for the course of study.

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The students are prepared for National Level competitive exams. However, they may have different job opportunities in Research Analysis, Space and Astronomy, Healthcare, Energy, Technology, Geophysics and meteorology and if they qualify NET, then these students are eligible for Assistant Professorship. The students may also have various openings in Banking, Business/Start-up, Teaching at Senior Secondary level and colleges & universities and R&D agencies and Research Institutes.


Upon completion of the Master’s degree program in physics at the Department of Physics, students will be able to:

Demonstrate competence in advanced knowledge of Physics in the core areas of Classical Physics, Mathematical Physics, statistical physics, and Quantum mechanics. 

Demonstrate proficiency in multiple allied areas of physics such as Astrophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Particle physics, Nuclear Physics, High Energy Physics, Spectroscopy and Electronics. 

Demonstrate advanced ability in techniques of scientific computing to solve problems. 

Demonstrate their ability to present information clearly, logically, truthfully and critically, both in verbal and written communication. 

Demonstrate both an understanding and the practical application of ethical standards implicit in science as well as scientific temperament in public and private life.

Demonstrate their competence for Doctoral study in physics and/or careers in scientifically oriented jobs in the public or private sector.


The POs of Master in Science Programme are:

PO1: To train the Science Post Graduates so that they become proficient in respective science disciplines and become competent enough for pursuing Doctoral Programmes in high ranking institutions.

PO2: To enhance further the character and ethics, as well as high professionalism in the Science Post graduates during the two years Master of Science Programme so that they can better stand to the National Aspirations.

PO3: To instill in the Science Post Graduate to acquire creative and innovative, entrepreneurial and leadership qualities that are global in character.