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M.D. Respiratory Medicine


Respiratory medicine








After completing the M.D Respiratory medicine course there are plenty of job prospects in the field of Reparatory medicine and critical care. They can further pursue their studies as DM pulmonary medicine, DM cardiology, DM Critical care. Candidate can get reputed jobs in government hospitals , medical colleges as senior residents , corporate hospitals. They are also eligible to apply for some reputed Fellowships in European and Asian  countries funded by European respiratory society, and APSR. They can also open there own clinic and hospitals.  


The primary goal of the MD course in Pulmonary Medicine is to produce post graduate clinicians able to provide health care in the field of pulmonary medicine. It is expected that a physician qualified in Pulmonary Medicine at the end of the course should be able to diagnose and treat pulmonary diseases, take preventive and curative steps for these diseases in the community at all levels of health care and qualify as a consultant and teacher in the subject.


Each student should obtain proficiency in the following domains during the period of training: 2 

1. Theoretical knowledge of different aspects of Pulmonary Medicine including the status in health and disease. 

2. Acquire clinical skills. 

3. Acquire practical skills. 

4. Management of emergencies including intensive care. 

5. Preparation of thesis as per MCI guidelines.

 These involve patient management in the outpatient, inpatient and emergency situations, case presentations, didactic lectures, seminars, journal reviews, clinico-patholgical conferences and mortality review meetings and working in the laboratories.