Department of TB and Chest Diseases


Dept. data last updated on :20/05/2023

SOPs for Sleep Lab/ Polysomnography

SOPs for Sleep Lab/ Polysomnography

  • Patients requiring Polysomnography are screened in Sleep OPD (every Saturday in OPD-15) under the supervision of a Consultant.

  • Brief history and examination is done in sleep opd along with weight, height and neck circumference measurement.

  • STOP BANG questionnaire is used for screening the patients.

  • Patients screened positive are given an appointment date for level-1 Polysomnography study, to be conducted in Sleep Lab situated in ward-13. Patients are advised to come in sleep lab on the day of appointment at 9:00 PM for sleep study.

  • Patients are advised to take any medication if they were regularly taking it.

  • Fee for Polysomnography is submitted in the office of Tb and Chest Department during office hours (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM).

  • On the night of study vitals of the patient are recorded before entering in the sleep lab.

  • A written informed consent is taken from the patient for sleep study.

  • After explaining the procedure patient is hooked to the sensors and level-1 Polysomnography is conducted under the supervision of a consultant with the help from sleep technician.

  • All the study data is recorded and stored in state of the art computer system equipped with latest Polysomnography software.

  • Study is completed in the morning and patient is advised to come in subsequent sleep OPD for report collection and further management.

  • Mr. Shahzad is the sleep technician responsible for performing sleep study.

SOPs for Bronchoscopy Suite

SOPs for Bronchoscopy Suite

  • Two procedures are being done in Bronchoscopy suite – Bronchoscopy and Thoracoscopy.

  • Patients requiring bronchoscopy/thoracoscopy are selected from Respiratory OPD and wards on daily basis.

  • After brief history and examination patients are selected for the procedure and are given appointment date accordingly.

  • Things that has to be done on the day of procedure is explained to the patients like NPO of 6 hours duration, reporting to Bronchoscopy suite at the given fixed time.

  • Patient’s details are entered and stored in the computer system of Bronchoscopy suite.

  • On the day of procedure vitals of the patients are taken before and monitored throughout the procedure.

  • ·      An informed consent is taken from all the patients.

  • Fee of the procedure is submitted in the Department of TB and chest diseases.

  • Procedure is done by consultants with a help from technical assistant.

  • During procedure appropriate samples are taken, which are labeled and sent to respective labs for examination.

  • Post Procedure patients are observed for an hour, then they are advised to go home or get admitted if indicated.

  • Printed report of the procedure is given to every patient.

  • All the patients are asked to follow up in OPD.

SOPs for PFT Lab of the Department

SOPs for PFT Lab of the Department

  • The PFT lab functions from 9:00 am to 1 pm on weekdays and 8:30 am to 12 pm on Friday.

  • The machine used for performing spirometry is Spirolab and the technician employed is Mr. S. M Owais (PFT lab technecian)

  • Before performing the test, the height and weight of the subject is measured.

  • The patient data including name, age, sex, height and weight is then entered in the machine.

  • The patient is given instructions on how to perform the test for accurate measurement of lung function.

  • First, the subject is asked to inhale normally. Then he/ she is asked to exhale forcefully for 6 seconds into the mouth piece of the machine. Then again, the subject is asked to inhale forcefully.

  • The entire breathing exercise is graphically represented by the machine.

  • The test is repeated atleast twice and the best of the reading is taken.

  • If PFT shows obstruction, the patient is given salbutamol nebulisation for 3 min and the test is repeated again.

  • A printed report is given by the machine on successful completion of the test and the reports are usually given to the patients within 10 minutes.

  • The mouth piece is used on a use and throw basis so that separate mouth piece is given for different patients.

General SOP of the Department:


General SOP of the Department:

      Official Working Hours 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday to Saturday except for Friday where the working hour is 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM.

      Department used to open at 7:45 AM followed by the opening of the office, bronchoscopy suite, Chambers of the staff, etc.

      All the teaching and non-teaching members sign the departmental attendance register daily in the morning.

      Members of the Department, teaching as well as non-teaching informs the Chairman before leaving the Department.

      Members availing any leave, provide a piece of prior information to the Chairman by filling out the respective leave form and submitting it in the office.

      In case of any unforeseen emergency, the leave information is relayed to the chairman’s office through e-mail or call. Later on, the required leave form is filled and submitted.

      The members of the Department, teaching, and non-teaching carry out their academic, administrative duties and other assigned duties as per the defined protocols assigned by BOS.

      The designated non-teaching staff concerned with the closing of the Department ensures that all the electrical equipment/appliances except for the laboratory deep freezers and refrigerators are switched off.

      After Closing the department, the key is delivered to the Chairman.



Get Vaccinated

Keep physical distance of at least 1 meter from others.

Avoid crowd and close contact.

Wear a properly fitted  mask

Clean hands frequently with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

Cover mouth and nose with a bent elbow or tissue when cough or sneeze.

Dispose off used tissues immediately and clean hands regularly.

      Warning Signs for COVID 19


Dry cough





Loss of smell and taste


      Seek Medical care immediately if any of these is present

      If tested positive, isolate until recovery

SOP of the Department library:

      The Department has a well-stocked Seminar Library. It facilitates both faculty and students to use the books for academic purposes.

      The departmental library is open for all faculties, UG and PG students of the Department of TBRD during college hours.

      The Library books are cataloged with Accession numbers for each, in line with the procedure followed by the Maulana Azad Library of the University.

      All users are required to sign the register kept with the designated non-teaching staff appointed as a caretaker of the library.

      Certain books like the Dissertation/Thesis cannot be taken outside the Department and should be returned the same day.

      The faculty/students issuing the book are responsible for the proper maintenance of the book and should return the book in the condition it was issued.

In case of damage or loss of the book, information is to be provided to the Chairman who may then decide the proper procedure of refurbishing the lost/damaged book

SOP of the office:

.The following staff members are responsible for smooth functioning of office work:

      Mr Khalid Ali

      Mrs mehnaz

      Mr javed (MTS)

      Mr Ramsewak (Safaiwala)

      The concerned person designated, open the Office room and switch on the internet router enabling internet connectivity for the Department.

      All the papers/notices/circulars are received in the office of the Department. Details of paper are entered in the receipt register.

      Papers are shown to the chairman for his/her comment.

      Chairman returns the paper with his/her comment and if needed mark the paper to the relevant person related to the work.

      The paper is then placed in the respective file folders (Office file/ Personal file/ Circular file/ Notice Board file/ PG file/ NAAC/ IQAC/ File for Minutes of BOS etc).

      Copies of the papers are then circulated/put on the Notice Board or given to concerned Teaching and Non-Teaching staff marked by the Chairman.

      The details of all papers which are to be despatched from the office are first entered in the despatch register.

      They are then despatched to the respective offices (Dean’s office/ Principal’s office/ various section of Registrar office etc.)

The office maintains all the concerned academic and administrative records.

      The following registers are maintained by the store keeper

Register for record of all the instruments in the department.

Register for stationary.

Register for various items of the department

Register for record of repair of various items

Register for day to day expenses.


Budget Control Register

Register for bronchoscopy/thoracoscopypayement

MAS Control Register

Register for consumables items

Register for Bank related work TA, DA.

Financial matters of Research Projects operated in the department are also taken care of by store keeper of the department

SOPs For Clinical Lab of the department

SOPs for Clinical Lab of the Department

  • The sample collection time is from8:30 am to 12:30 pm on weekdays and 8:30 am to 10:30 am on Friday.

  • For the analysis of sputum examination for AFB stain sputum sample is sent in sterile container from different wards including OPD

  • Heamograme and RBS is done in our lab situated in OPD 15 free of cost.

  • Sample for the hemograme is collected in the lab itself and report is available on same date.

  • Mr Moharsingh and Mrs Tarannum are the Lab technician responsible to the sputum and hemograme test.

  • All the test done in our lab is free of cost.