Dr. Sufia Naseem

    MD Biochemistry, MBBS


    Assistant Professor


    Diabetes, Inflammatory Diseases, Protein Glycation, Oxidant status


    Azadnagar, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand




I have been part of the Department of Biochemistry, JNMC, AMU as Junior Resident, Senior Resident and now Presently as Assistant Professor. Passed MBBS and MD (Biochemistry) from JNMC, AMU, Aligarh. Courses taught include MBBS, BDS, DMLT, Diploma in Dialysis Technique.Research area of interest is oxidative stress and glycation in diabetes and other chronic diseases and role of natural antioxidants / phytochemicals in alleviating them.My thrust area is proteomics and alternative medicine
  1. Publication
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    Book Chapter Published:

    • Frontiers in Occupational Health and Safety (Volume 2) Published by Bentham Science: Introduction to Occupational Health Hazards; Chapter 3- Cancer as an Occupational Hazard. Manzoor Ahmad Gatoo and Sufia Naseem
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