Dr. Saad Bin Javed



    Assistant Professor


    Plant Biotechnology






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My research work focuses on understanding the factors modulating the regeneration potential of plant cells and tissues.  

Our team have more recently been trying to develop efficient strategies for exploiting secondary metabolites from medicinal plants using in vitro studies. We hope to contribute to the understanding of the role and effects of different plant growth regulators, adjuvants and elicitors on pant regeneration, metabolism and phytochemistry. 

  1. Publication

    Khanam MN, Javed SB, Ahmad N, Anis M (2021) Encapsulation of nodal segments of Alamanda catharticaa for short-term storage and germplasm exchange. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture DOI: 10.1007/s11240-021-02019-0

    Khanam MN, Javed SB, Ahmad N, Singh N (2020) Substitution of benzyladenine with meta-topolin improved shoot regeneration and rooting in Wedelia chinensis (Osbeck) Merr. And quantitative estimation of flavonoids. In book: Propagation and Genetic Manipulation of Plants. DOI: 10.1007/978-981-15-7736-9_1

    Alam N, Anis M, Javed SB, Alatar  AA (2020) Stimulatory effect of copper and zinc shulphate on plant regeneration, glutathione-S-transferase analysis and assessment of antioxidant activities in Mucuna pruriens L. (DC). Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Cultur

    Javed SB, Alatar AA, Anis M, El-Sheikh MA (2019) In vitro regeneration of coral tree from three different explants using thidiazuron. HortTechnology 29(6):1-6

    Khanam MN, Javed SB, Anis M, Alatar AA (2019) meta-Topolin induced in vitro regeneration and metabolic profiling in Allamanda cathartica L. Industrial Crops and Products 145:111944

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