Dr. Sana Choudhary

    Ph.D, Post Doc


    Assistant Professor


    Molecular Biology and Genetics


    Department of Botany, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh - 202 002, India




Dr Sana Choudhary did her Masters and PhD in Botany (Genetics) from AMU Aligarh in the year 2007 and 2012 respectively. Later she was awarded with the prestigious Young Scientist Fellowship by the Department of Science and Technology (SERB) New Delhi under the DST Fast Track Young Scientist Scheme. She has also been awarded Women Scientist post-doctoral fellowship by the UGC which she had not availed. She joined the department of Botany, AMU Aligarh in early 2017. Her main area of interest is to use Genetic and molecular approaches to study the problem" How plants establish and maintain cellular differentiation status and how various stress stimuli override the developmental commitments to undergo cellular reprogramming. As plants have evolved complex mechanisms to sense environmental insults and respond by modulating developmental programs to maximize their productivity. Her specific research aim is to study the diverse intrinsic pathways and external signals controlling cellular reprogramming and differentiation which provides an interesting system to study developmental plasticity in response to a changing environment". She has published number of research articles including review article in peer reviewed journals and presented papers in various national and international conferences. Following is the list of few journals in which he has made her contribution- Industrial crops and products Acta physiologia Plantarium Toxicology and Environmental Chemistry Turkish journal of Biology Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences International journal of Food Properties.
Msc IIIrd semester sessional Award list 2020-21