Prof. Qazi Mazhar Ali

    Ph. D.




    Image Analysis, Remote Sensing, Sample Surveys


    Department of Statistics & O.R., A.M.U. Aligarh, ALIGARH 202002, U.P., India




    Time Table


My research area is Applied Statistics and the doctorate degree is from the University of Oxford. Within the domain of this broad area I have published in the field of digital image analysis, classification (remotely sensed images), epidemiology, and bioinformatics in UK and Germany. The epidemiology paper appeared in the Journal of Helminthology (UK). In terms of innovation in teaching I contributed in popularising PC-based computer education in 1980s and advancing it further till this date. Additionally, I contributed in the efforts to revive the instructions for the award of degrees in remote sensing at AMU. Currently, I am supervising Survey Projects of the students of Bachelor and Master degree programmes of Statistics, Operations Research and Data Science and also teaching a course on Python programming. Additionally, I have been teaching  statistics to the  students of M.Sc. (Remote Sensing & GIS Applications). In the past, I have taught courses on various topics including, Simulation, Computer Programming, Demography, Statistics for Business Studies, Biostatistics etc. Furthermore, I had been actively involved in the academic administration.  Currently I am holding the additional responsibilities of Dean, Faculty of Science and also of the Member -In-Charge of Telephone Department. In the past I held  various posts such as Chairperson of Department of Statistics & O.R. and also the Chairperson of Interdisciplinary Department of Remote Sensing & GIS Applications, Director Computer Centre (AMU), Member-In-Charge Telephone Department (AMU), Warden of a Hostel (AMU), Dean of Faculty (RUW Royal University, Bahrain). During the assignment at Bahrain as the Dean of the Faculty I successfully completed the process of getting the Faculty programmes passed through a set of very stringent procedures of Quality Assurance monitored by a team of the international experts.

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