Dr. Nazneen Zehra



    Assistant Professor


    Animal Ecology with specialization in large carnivores ecology, large carnivore-human conflict (LCHC), Population Dynamics, Biodiversity Assessment, Conservation & Management





    Time Table 20-21IVth semester dissertation listM.Sc. Biodiversity Studies and Management


Dr. Nazneen Zehra obtained her post-graduate degree in Wildlife Science in 2007 from the Department of Wildlife Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences, Aligarh Muslim University. She enrolled herself in the Ph.D. program at the Department of Wildlife Sciences and carried out fieldwork on the research topic titled “A Study of Large Mammalian Prey Predators of Gir Lion Sanctuary with Special Reference to Ecology of Leopard (Panthera pardus fusca)”. She carried out fieldwork for more than 6 years in Gir National Park and Lion Sanctuary for her Ph.D. program. She has the unique distinction of carrying out field studies on Asia’s two most celebrated large cats i.e. Lion (Panthera leo) and Leopard (Panthera pardus). She radio-collared two male leopards and followed both collared males on foot often round the clock and has the record of monitoring both males from close quarters (<15 m) for more than 15,000 hours during the day and night times. She has published her research work in national and international journals. She has authored a reference book titled “Large Mammalian Prey Predators in Gir: Status, Ecology & Conservation”. She has also edited a reference volume titled “The Gir Leopard: Ecology, Management & Conservation” containing 9 chapters on different aspects of the ecology of Leopard. She is currently working as Assistant Professor of Biodiversity & Environmental Studies since September 2019. Prior to the current assignment, she has worked as Research Associate in Department of Science & Technology’s prestigious PURSE-II Program on the project titled” Ecology of large carnivores in selected protected areas of India”. In her research carrier of 13 years, she has successfully worked and completed research projects sponsored by the Department of Science & Technology, GOI, Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, University Grants Commission in various capacities. She has recently implemented a research project titled “Monitoring Structure, Functioning and Ecosystem Services of Dry Tropical Forest Ecosystem of Gir for Conservation and Management of ecosystem, Prey populations and Predators” funded by the Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change with funding of >53 Lakhs. Currently, Dr. Zehra is writing two manuscripts titled “Biodiversity Values of the Aligarh Muslim University” and “Biodiversity Resources of Aligarh Region”. Dr. Zehra has specialized in advanced quantitative techniques and she works with ease as an animal and plant ecologist. She has special interests in the application of multivariate bio-statistical tools and procedures and is well versed with various statistical software. She has diverse research interests but the prime focus is on the ecology of large carnivores with a prime focus on using science for resolving large carnivore-human conflict which is currently plaguing all major protected areas of India. Dr. Zehra has sought funding to initiate biodiversity assessment of Suhagibarwa and Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuaries and she intends to expand such assessment firstly in Uttar Pradesh and later in adjoining other states. Currently, Dr. Zehra is guiding two post-graduate students for their master's dissertations.

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