Ajmal Khan Tibbiya College Library



        Library Catalogue is considered as a key for resources of the library. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) is an important tool for web resources. Therefore, The Library started OPAC facility to its clientle. The user may search information in the through following approaches:-

  •  Author
  •  Title
  •  ISBN
  •  Publisher
  • Call Number
  • Accession No.
  • Subject/Keywords

  How to  Access  (Web-O PA C)    

 Online Public Access Catalogue (Web-OPAC) (accessible through Internet).  It provide information  about all types of resources (  i e.  Books, Journals , Theses , Dissertation) etc. in  the  libraries including books of Ajmal Khan Tibbiya College  Library. The  desired information may be searched in the  Web-O P A C) in the following manner. 


1-Write  www. malibrary.com

2- Click on Catalogue of Maulana Azad Library

3- Click on O P A C( Web Resources )

4- Click on Browse

5- Click on Classified

6- Click on Book Issue

7- Click on  Full Catalogue

8-Click  on AKT ( Author/ Title/Call No. etc. ) for books of  Ajmal Khan Tibbiya College Library , AMU