Maulana Azad Library


Circular vide D.No.: 1534/MAL dt. 18.01.2020

M.A. Library provides text similarity detection in research articles, theses, dissertations, research reports etc. facility to faculty members, research scholars and students of the university.  There are two software available for the purpose namely OURIGINAL (formerly: URKUND, provided by UGC) and TURNITIN (subscribed by the university) . 


What documentsResearch paper, thesis, dissertation, chapters in books, full-fledged books and any other similar work submitted for assessment / opinion leading to the award of master and research level degrees or publication in print or electronic media shall be checked for plagiarism.

Required File Format     

              For documents in English:- MS Word / searchable PDF

              For documents in Hindi, Sanskrit and other Indian languages:- MS Word only typed in Mangal font (unicode)

              For documents in Arabic, Persian, Urdu:- MS Word only

Who are eligible: Faculty members, bona-fide research scholars, students and staff of the university.

Which Software:

                   Ouriginal (formerly: Urkund provided by UGC for all above mentioned document types); and

                   Turnitin (Subscribed by AMU for research articles/books/books chapters, etc.).

HowStudents are advised to send their own document only to malcom.amu@gmail.com for text similarity checking mentioning their name, enrollment no., course, department, supervisor's/teacher's name, supervisor's/teacher's email id and type of document (whether thesis/research article etc.) along with scanned copy of their ID card, admission/continuation card. This facility is available in online mode only (through email).  

            Faculty and staff may send their document by email to malcom.amu@gmail.com mentioning their name, designation, employment id, department, document type etc.

                 Faculty members may also send the thesis/research article/assignment/report of their research scholars/students mentioning details of students i.e. student's name, enrollment number, topic, course name along with own details. The file may be renamed as "name of the student (enrollment no.) - department - AMU" for each student.

                       A particular document can be checked upto three times only.

              Faculty members and research scholars may also avail the same facility by themselves by Turnitin. 

WhenEligible users can avail text similarity checking facility on all working days during 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM (except Friday) and 09:00 AM to 12:00 Noon (on Friday).

Plagiarism ReportThe downloaded report is forwarded to the user's E-mail ID on next working day.

Important Note:

1.All Students are required to send scanned copy of their valid ID cards and should send their own documents only for similarity check.

2. If it is found that the sent document do not belong to the sender then the document will not be checked. 

3. The above mentioned software are text comparing software only and show similarity/significance in percent.

4. Repeated checking of the same document may show variable results since the database of the software keeps updating.

5.Scanned documents without searchable format in any language cannot be checked for similarity.

6.Before sending documents for text similarity checking, users are advised to consult UGC (Promotion of Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism in Higher Educational Institutions) Regulations, 2018.

Updated on 18.06.2022