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Prof. M E A Mondal awarded National Geoscience Award 2017

Prof. M.E.A. Mondal awarded Outstanding Researcher Award 2018 by Aligarh Muslim University

Prof. Rashid Umar awarded INC IAH Award for excellence in Ground Water Science - 2019 by Indian National Chapter of International Association of Hydrogeologists

Mr. Mohammed Sultan Al-Shayef, a research scholar of the Department of Geology has been selected as a representative of Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) in Yemen. The success of the student is a testimony of his hard work, dedication and guidance offered by the faculty members. The department will continue to provide all facilities to its students to excel in their career.

Lecture by Dr. Mirza Arshad Beg of Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia delivered lectures on : 1. Reservoir Characterization and Modelling and (2) Field Development Plan on March 12, 2019 in the Dept of Geology.

Mr. Usman Aarif Khan awarded best paper presentation Award in GEOYOUTH at Udaipur on Feb 23-24, 2019

Mr. Mir Md Ramiz appointed as Officer in National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) in December 2018.

List of NET/JRF students Dec 2017


01. Ebadurrahman AIR-04           02. Rajiullah Khan AIR-14        03. Qamruzzama AIR-45

04. Muhammad Zaid AIR-75       05. Lata Udsaiya AIR-95


01. Usman Arif Chaudhri                02. Iqbal                03. Shaman Siddiqi        04. Tabrez Alam

05. Mohammad Danish                  06. Aditi Sharma

List of students those who have qualified Combined Geoscientist and Geologist Exam-2017

1. Ms. Naima Akhtar (AIR 4)          2. Ms. Lata Udsaiya (AIR 6)

3. Mr. Md. Sarif Khan (AIR 19)      4. Mr. M Suhail Salim (AIR 24)

Mr. Mir Md Ramiz, Research Scholar, Department of Geology, AMU Aligarh has been adjudged 2nd in an event named GEOSHOTS organized by the BHU Geoscience Student Chapter of American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), Asia Pacific Region on August 25, 2017.

Mr. Md Sayad Rahaman, Research Scolar appointed as Assistant Professor in Presidency University, Kolkata in Dec 2016.

List of students qualified for JRF-DEC 2016

1. Mr. Ebadur Rahman          2. Mr. Qamuruzzama           3. Mr. Abdur Rahman     4. Mr. Deepak Kumar     

5. Mr. Usman Khan               6. Mr. Jawad Malik

List of students qualified for NET-DEC 2016

1. Ms. Naima Akhtar            2. Ms. Lata Udsaiya          3. Mr. Abul Qasim               4. Mr. Mohd. Danish            

5. Mr. Razuddin                     6. Mr. Nikhil Patel             7. Mr. Shamsuddin              8. Mr. Tabrez Alam

9. Mr. Saddam Hussain

Placement scenario of students 2015

List of JAM 2015 Qualifiers

1. Mohd Rizwan (AIR 01)      2. Abdul Salam A. (AIR 01)      3. Anuj Gurg (AIR 03)         4. Shadab Ahmad

5. Yogesh Kumar                   6. Nohid Khan                            7. Aquib Khursheed            8. Almas Afreen

9. Mohd. Sajid                      10. Pritam Thomas                   11. Affan Ahmad                12. Ajay kumar verma

13. Mohd. Shoeab               14. Ejaz Ahmad Khan               15. Masarul Islam  

List GATE Qualified students : Total 29

1. Danish Aftab                       2. Md Tanweer Ahmad          3. Aquib Jamal Ansari           4. Mohd Amir Hussain

5. Abdul Sharique                   6. Mohd Imran                        7. Naiyar Azmi                        8. Shahid Jamal

9. Amir Hamza                      10. Mirza Ilyas Beg                11. Rajiullah Khan                  12. Gulam Mohd

13. Ebadur rahman               14. Sarwar Nizam                  15. Syed Adil Mizan               16. Shamsheer Ahmad

17. Yatin Sharma                   18. Hifzurrahman                  19. Mir Md Ramiz                   20. Mashkoor Khan

21. Sumbul Qamar                22. Tanveer Fatima khan      23. Waseem Ahmad Chaudhary

24. Rafeeque Akhtar             25. Shahzad Alam                 26. Muzammil Husain           27. Md Sharif Khan

28.Nasim Husain Ansari      29. Mohammad Shoeb

Placement scenario of students 2013-14