Department of Geology


Dept. data last updated on :10/06/2023


Ph.D. in Geology


1. Hydrogeology, Environmental Geology and Remote Sensing 

2. Paleontology and Sedimentology 

3. Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology and Geochemistry 

4. Economic Geology and Structural Geology, Engineering Geology




  • See Guide to Admissions


See Guide to Admissions



The mission of the Ph.D. (Geology) programme is to educate post graduate students of Geology to built careers in academia, government agencies and industries. The main objectives of Ph.D. programme are: (i) To encourage students to experience research in close relation to sustainable development of earth resources and to understand dynamics of the Earth. (ii) To engage students in various disciplines of Geology and to bring them to a baseline that will allow them to conduct translational research from conceptual design. (iii) To provide research and educational opportunities in solving problems complex problems related to Earth Sciences.


Comprehensive understanding: To provide education that leads to comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of Geological Sciences. Scientific communication: To ensure effective communication of students with geologists and working professionals. Innovation: To encourage and guide research scholars to come up with newfangled and innovative ideas and their effective outcomes. Professional development: To produce conscientious geologists that can work within the interdisciplinary framework of Geology and allied fields of Earth Sciences. Information and technology Skills: To enhance information and technological skills with emphasis on updated scientific literature. Experimental skills: To provide thorough insight in experimental skills of Geology. Critical thinking: To empower research scholars with the ability to think and solve complex problems in the field of Geology. Socio-economic development: To encourage research scholars to pursue their research by considering the interest and benefits of socio-economic aspects, needs and goals of the society and state.