Department of Geology

Training and Placement

Dept. data last updated on :20/03/2024

Training and Placement

The Training and Placement Cell of the Department of Geology is constituted with the following members for the session 2021-2022 who will look after the Training and Placement of the students of Geology Department.

  1. Prof. Kr. Farahim Khan, Chairperson.

  2.  Prof. M.E.A. Mondal, TPO

Students Coordinators:

  1. Mr. Mohammad Zaid, Ph.D.

  2. Mr. Mohammad Saquib Ansari, M.Sc. (P)

  3. Mr. Moin Khan, M.Sc. (P)

  4. Mr. Faris Beg, B.Sc. (F)

  5. Mr. Faraaz Ahmed B.Sc. (F)

  6. Ms. Ilma Sarwar, B.Sc. (F)

  7. Ms. Saiba Khan, B.Sc. (F)