Department of Persian

About the Department

Dept. data last updated on :26/10/2021

The Department of Persian, Aligarh Muslim University is one of the oldest departments in the university. It was established during the early days of the Mohammadan Anglo Oriental College in 1877 A.D.

The department has been proudly serving the country and working towards the cause of patriotism, composite culture, universal brotherhood and coexistence by deciphering new horizons through its researches for the last one and a half centuries.

In our glorious years of existence, we have had the honour to have scholars of international repute like Shibli Nomani, Prof. Hadi Hasan, Prof. Zia Ahmad Badauni and Padam Shri Prof. Nazir Ahmad to name a few, associated with the department as faculty and mentors.

Highly acclaimed internationally reputed literary works like Sher-ul-Ajam, Swaneh Maulana Rum, Persian Navigation, Zahuri; Life & Works, Diwane Siraji Khorasani, Makatibe Sanaai, Diwane Hafiz, Diwane Amid Loiki, Farhange Qawwas, Zofane Guya, Lisanus Shoara, Talib Aamuli, Bedil, Ghalib & His Persian Poetry, Dictionary of Indo-Persian Literature, History of Indo- Persian Literature and many more have fetched us name and fame throughout the globe.

The department imparts teaching in Persian language and literature, Indian culture & history, Persian linguistics, Indo–Persian literature and also in niches like Indo–Islamic philosophy, ethics and sufism.


Development and expansion of the department keeping in view the modern needs and requirement’s of Indian society and global inter connectivity and equip the younger generation with the necessary training and orientation to access opportunities in education, employment and nation building. The department envisages to achieves an ambience excellence by promoting value based teaching learning programme with a commitment to advance the course of Persian studies by highlighting the contribution of Persian languages and literature to history and culture and to in humanistic and social thought worldwide. While aiming to train the students with world class competency and cutting edge proficiency to face challenges of modern education, the department visualizes to establishing a unique identity by developing high quality human and knowledge resources for the advancement of diverse research and educational activity in Persian language and literature.


1. To create a strong and transformation educational environment in which fresh ideas, moral principles, research and excellence nature and flourish.

2. To include highest degree of confidence, professionalism, academic excellence and inspire awareness of the importance of Persian studies in India.

3. To train motivated researchers and future academicians with a keen perception and understanding the needs and problems of Persian studies and the requisites step to tackle these problems.

Futuristic Plan:

 To introduce new professional courses such as Manuscript logy and Epigraphy.

 Publication of Manuscript related to Indian history, Painting, and Art culture.

 Publication of the poetic collections of the Persian poets of India, Tazkeras of poets, Writers and Sufis.

 To introduce special study on Amair Khussraw and Mirza Gahlib.

 To introduce short term courses on spoken Persian.

 Promotion of interdisciplinary researches.

 To invite eminent scholars of Persian for lectures.