Department of Persian


Dept. data last updated on :13/04/2024

Standard Operating Procedures

Department of Persian

SOP for the Governance of the Department:

     1.   The Department of Persian is chaired by a Chairperson appointed as per AMU Ordinances.

2.   The Teaching allocation for each course is prepared and approved by the Board of Studies of the Department.

3.   Internal and External Examiners, Moderators, Re-evaluators, Scrutinizers and Tabulators are also approved by the Board of Studies of the Department.

4.    The department has various Committees to deal with the academic matters of the Department and students.

5.    The office of Department is engaged with providing all required support to the faculty, students and staff to ensure the smooth functioning of the department.

SOP for Office:

  1. The Office of Chairperson overall supervises all administrative works.

  2. The office collects the attendance records of the undergraduate and postgraduate students of the department and records the leaves of all students and faculty.

3.    The office collects all records of examinations and marks and submits to the controller of Exams for processing of results.

4.    The Office ensures maintenance of infrastructure of the department.

5.    The office of department maintains records of assets and properties of department by maintaining stock register.

6.    The office displays the notices on the webpage of department and notice Board related to exams, scholarships and other important information.

7.    Maintains receipt and dispatch register entries.

SOP Seminar Library:

1.      The Department of Persian has a well stocked Seminar Library with approximately twelve thousand books. It facilitates both the faculty and students as well.

2.      All books of Seminar Library are catalogued with Accession numbers per defined rules of the Maulana Azad Library of the University.

3.      The Undergraduate and Post graduate students are provided the required course books and source books by the seminar library.

4.      Seating capacity of the seminar library is of 30 individuals.

5.      The borrowing privileges of different categories of members are given below  :

§   Teachers – 10 books (for one month) 

§   Research Scholars – 05 books (for two weeks) 

§   Post graduate students – 02 books (for one week)

6.      In case of book loss, the member is required to submit the latest edition of the same book. If the book cannot be replaced, the cost of a book decided by MAL paid by the member.

7.     Seminar library services are meant for all scholars, teachers and students with valid identity proof for use in seminar library itself.

SOP Multi Media Language Lab

  1.              1.    The Department of Persian has one well established Multimedia Language Lab.

2.     The Multimedia Language Lab is open to faculty, research scholars, Postgraduate and Undergraduate students. The Lab is used to promote teaching/learning of Persian Language skills. It also works as a training platform for Research and Development activities.

3.     Only bonafide students/scholars from The Department of Persian are allowed to use the Language Lab.

4.     Users are Not Permitted to Install, Modify, Delete or Copy any software/file or any infected external device installed on Lab Computers.

5.     The Lab resources are prohibited from usage for any illegal or disruptive purposes.

6.     Problems related to Lab hardware and software should be reported to the Lab In charge immediately.

7.     Users are expected to keep the Lab neat and tidy and if needed, should clean up the area around the computer used before leaving.

8.     Users are required to shutdown the computers before leaving the Lab.

9.     The use of computers & lab for accessing objectionable sites is strictly prohibited.