Department of Plastic Surgery

Important Laboratories

Dept. data last updated on :30/07/2022

Clinical Laboratory

> Haematology Lab - Hb %, TLC, DLC, Blood Sugar, Blood Urea, S.Creatinine, S.Electrolyte, BT/CT

> Urine - Routine / Microscopic

Microsurgery Lab - Skill Lab

> They learnt the skills to join very fine blood vessels as small as 1 mm in diameter

> This literally changed the capability of the plastic surgeon overnight

> In spite of all the advancements that have been made in computer technology, it is difficult to make a hand prosthesis which     functions as well as the human hand!!

Have you shaken hands with someone with a hand prosthesis ?

> You have got at the end of your fingertips

> The sensation at the end of our fingertips is very difficult to duplicate. Hence it is important to take care of the pair of hands that we have got.