Department of Plastic Surgery


Dept. data last updated on :30/07/2022

Microsurgery Training Lab


Training Course is intended to provide participants the necessary skills to perform vascular anastomoses of small blood vessels. Proper use of the operating microscope, microsurgical instruments and suture will be taught. All surgical procedures are performed in the laboratory rat femoral artery and vein model. Importantly, assessment of proper technique includes not only the critique and instruction provided by the instructor, but also, direct observation of vessel patency. Records are kept of all surgical outcomes. A typical schedule, varying with individual participant experience, would be:

Day 1
(Practice on inanimate objects) 

Work on practice board to become proficient with microscope and get familiar with instruments and basic knot tying.

Day 2
(Practice on animate subjects)

Trainee then perform end to end arterial anastomosis under the direction of the instructor.

Day 3  (Practice on animate subjects)

Students proceed with venous end to end anastomosis under the direction of the instructor.

Day 4  (Practice on animate subjects)

Students perform end to side anastomosis under the direction of instructor.

Day 5
(Practice on animate subjects)

Trainee will do an assessment of skills by performing both end to end artery and venous anastomosis in 2 hours or less. Students perform interpositional vein graft  anastomosis under the direction of instructor.

AMU - Smile Train Project

Aligarh Muslim University signed an agreement in December 2014 with Smile Train; a non-profit charitable organization based in New York, USA whose mission is to provide totally free surgery to children born with cleft and palate around the world. Till date AMU has extended totally free cleft lip and palate surgeries to 237 patients under this program. The project is managed in Plastic Surgery department by Dr. Arshad Hafeez Khan who is the director of Smile Train Project. At present the financial assistance provided by Smile Train for the operation of cleft lip/palate is Rs. 20,000/- per patient. Patients of cleft lip/palate are attended in the Plastic Surgery OPD No. 16 on all week days except Sunday.


Preoperative assessment

Every cleft lip/palate patient who attends the plastic surgery OPD No. 16 in J.N. Medical College Hospital receives a complete and thorough preoperative history, physical examination and health clearance.

For patient to be taken up for surgery following criteria are to be met:

  1. during history and physical examination is found to be at a low risk of developing surgical or anesthetic perioperative complications.

  2. is over three months of age for lip surgery and over six months of age for palate surgery.

  3. is at least 5kg and demonstrates age appropriate weight.

  4. approval of the patient by anesthetist to clear patient to be taken up for surgery.

  5. NPO guidelines are given by anesthetist.

  6. informed consent for the surgical procedure is obtained.


All operations are performed under general anesthesia by Smile Train credentialed surgeons and anesthetists at J.N. Medical College Hospital.

Post Operative

Following surgery, after approval of the anesthetist, patients are shifted to HDU. Next day patients are shifted to ward.


Patients medical records include details of the preoperative surgical assessment, anesthetic preoperative evaluation, intra and postoperative medical records, including the anesthesia intra operative record, anesthesia notes, surgeon operative record, surgeon notes, post anesthesia care, nursing notes and ward notes.

Follow up

At discharge all patients are provided with discharge ticket mentioning the summary of their management during hospitalization. Treatment advised at discharge and follow up date in Plastic Surgery OPD No. 16 is mentioned.