Department of Zoology

Important Laboratories

Dept. data last updated on :13/12/2022


Section of Entomology

Insect Systematics and DNA Barcoding Lab

Biosystematics Research Lab

Insect Toxicology and Bio-control Research Lab

Section of Fishery Science and Aquaculture

Fish Molecular Biology and Endocrinology Research Lab

Fish Nutrition Research Lab

Fish Biology and Otolith Research Lab

Limnology Research Lab

Cellular and Molecular Endocrinology Lab

Section of Genetics

Human Genetics and Toxicology Lab

Cytogenetics and Mol. Tox. Lab

Biochemical and Clinical Genetics Lab

Drosophila Transgenic Laboratory

Molecular Cancer Genetics & Translational Research Lab

Section of Nematology

Nematode Systematics and Biodiversity Research Lab

Section of Parasitology

Parasite Biochemistry Research Lab

Parasite Immunodiagnosis Research Lab