Department of Zoology

Post Graduate

Dept. data last updated on :13/12/2022


M. Sc. (Zoology)


Entomology, Fishery Science and Aquaculture, Genetics, Nematology and Parasitology




Level of academic programme: PG

Name of the course: M. Sc. (Zoology)

4 Semesters 

Intake: 40

Specializations in M.Sc. (Zoology) and Number of seats 

1. Entomology 35%

2. Fishery Science and Aquaculture 35%

3. Genetics 10% 

4. Nematology 10% 

5. Parasitology 10%



Students are prepared for National Level competitive exams. However, they may have different job opportunities in pharmaceutical companies, Medical colleges and if they qualify NET, then these students are eligible for Assistant Professorship. The students may also have various openings in Fisheries, Forestry and agriculture; Teaching at Senior Secondary level and colleges & universities and R&D agencies and Research Institutes.




PEO-1: To inculcate the understanding of diverse and complex fields of Zoology like Systematics and Taxonomy, Anatomy and Physiology, Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, Cell biology, Molecular biology and Biochemistry, to provide an appropriate foundation for a career in biomedical and agricultural sciences and effectively train for various challenges of the society.

PEO-2: To train academically sound researchers and intellectuals in the area of Zoology, like Genetics, Fisheries, Entomology, Parasitology and Nematology.

PEO-3: To impart modern research and technological skills amongst the Masters students in order to become professionals and leaders in the sector of Zoological sciences.



PO-1: Students will demonstrate the ability to identify, formulate and solve problems in the area of Zoological sciences.

PO-2: Students will have the ability to perform various laboratory procedures in the areas of Genetics, Fisheries, Entomology, Parasitology and Nematology and their applications in biological sciences.

PO-3:  Students will acquire the aptitude for creative thinking, critical analysis and decision making for productive research and development in the area of Zoological sciences.

PO-4:  Students will acquire the understanding of tools and techniques, and their usage in analysis and design of experiments.

PO-5:  Students will learn to work in field, clinical and laboratory set ups, also design experiments and communicate through effective presentations.

PO-6:  Students will get the understanding of the professional and ethical responsibilities.

PO-7: Students will have the ability to contribute effectively both individually as well as collectively in diverse and multi-disciplinary environments.

PO-8: Students will participate and succeed in various national and international competitive examinations.