Prof. Bhanu Prakash Singh

Over the years, our research has primarily focused in the field of experimental nuclear physics, on the study of nuclear reaction dynamics in light and heavy ion interactions. We have conducted extensive investigations on elemental analysis using the PIXE technique and the study of heavy ion interactions at Fermi energies, as well. To carry out our experiments, we have utilized national accelerator facilities, such as the Cyclotron of VECC in Kolkata and the 16 UD Pelletron accelerator of the Inter University Accelerator Centre (IUAC) in New Delhi, India.

Our research on the complete fusion (CF) and break up fusion (BUF) of heavy ions has garnered significant recognition within the scientific community. This is evident through the publication of a large number of research papers in esteemed international journals, including Physics Letters B, Nuclear Physics A, Physical Review C, International Journal of Modern Physics E, European Physical Journal A, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, and Applied Radiation Isotopes.

Collaboration has been a key aspect of our work, both at the national and international levels. We have successfully completed an international collaboration project and have contributed valuable nuclear data that have been compiled in the EXFOR format of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria.

In addition to our research endeavours, I have had the privilege of teaching a range of subjects at both the postgraduate and undergraduate levels. Some of the subjects I have taught include Nuclear and Particle Physics, Thermodynamics, Electronics, Heavy Ion Physics, Experimental Techniques, Electricity and magnetism, and Mechanics.

Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to visit several prestigious scientific institutes around the world. These visits involved delivering talks, conducting collaborative research, and fostering international partnerships. Notable countries I have visited include Italy, Austria, Croatia, Myanmar, Singapore, Japan, Russia, Ethiopia, and France. As part of the scientific program of the Government of India, I had the honor of visiting Yangon University in Myanmar as a visiting faculty to provide training to Ph.D. students in experimental nuclear physics. Additionally, I have actively participated in an international collaboration on "Nuclear Reaction Dynamics at Fermi Energies" with the Ruder Boskovic Institute in Zagreb, Croatia.

Our commitment to advancing knowledge and contributing to the field of nuclear physics is evident not only through our research outcomes and collaborations but also through our dedication to education. I have co-authored two books: "Fundamentals and Applications of Heavy Ion Collisions," published by Cambridge University Press, and "Pre-equilibrium Emission in Statistical Nuclear Reactions," recently published by the Institute of Physics Publishing, England. Furthermore, we are engaged in science popularization activities, delivering popular lectures, and writing articles in popular science magazines to make science more accessible and engaging for a broader audience. We remain committed to making contributions to the scientific community, furthering the understanding of nuclear physics, and promoting the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

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  2. Incomplete fusion studies in the 19F+159Tb system at low energies and its correlation with various systematics;

    Physical Review C 94 014613 (2016)

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  3. Low energy nuclear reaction of the 14N + 169Tm system: Incomplete fusion

    Physical Review C 96 054614 (2017)

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  4. Fission like events in the 12C + 169Tm system at low excitation energies

    Physical Review C 96 014620 (2017)

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  5. Systematic Study of low energy incomplete fusion: Role of entrance channel parameter.

    Physical Review C 96 044614 (2017)

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  6. Effect of projectile break-up on fusion cross-sections at energies near and above the Coulomb barrier: A case of incomplete fusion.

    Physical Review C 98 014605 (2018)

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  7. Systematic study of pre-compound neutron emission in alpha-particle-induced reactions

    Physical Review C 98 054607 (2018)

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  8. Sub-barrier fusion in the 37Cl + 130Te system

    Physical Review C 99 024607 (2019)

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  9. Semi-classical and quantum mechanical analysis of alpha-particle induced reactions on praseodymium: A study relevant to pre-compound emission

    Physical Review C 99 014608 (2019)

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  10. Fission like events in 19F + 181Ta

    Physical Review C 99 034617 (2019)

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  11. Mass and isotopic yield distribution of fission-like events in 19F + 169Tm at low energies

    Physical Review C 99 024617 (2019)

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