Dr. Faraz Ahmed Inam



    Associate Professor


    Quantum Optics, Nanophotonics


    Department of Physics, Aligarh Muslim University





    Session 3 2021


Faraz is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics, Aligarh Muslim University. He joined the department in Feb 2014. His background ranges from solid state nano-optics, spectroscopy to quantum optics of single photon sources. He has worked on both experimental and computational aspects to these problems. He did his B.Sc (Hons) in Electronics from Zakir Hussain College, University of Delhi in 2004 and then went on to do M.Sc. in Physics from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in 2006. He further did a M.Tech degree in Opto-electronics and Optical communications from IIT Delhi in 2008 and subsequently went on to do his PhD in Nanophotonics/Quantum optics from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. There he worked under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Michael Steel and Prof. Dr James Rabeau on the fundamental characterization of the spontaneous emission properties of the nanodiamond NV colour centers as single photon sources. 

From Oct 2017 to Sept 2019, he worked as a Visiting Scientist in Prof. Venugopal Achanta’s group at TIFR, Mumbai and helped in the build up of an experimental quantum light characterisation facility in the group. After returning to AMU, he received funding amounting Rs 1.1 crore under the DST FIST and DST CRG grants. He is now in the process of establishing a sophisticated experimental facility capable of performing quantum optics experiments at the single photon level in AMU itself.

The quality and originality of his work is demonstrated by publications in high-impact research journals. Please follow my research here: