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One day Seminar was organised by D.S College ,Aligarh on the occasion of International Women's Day 2021 on the theme Mahila: chunautiyan yevam samadhan on 8th March,2021. Prof. Nasrin, Chairperson, Department of Education, AMU   was invited as Keynote Speaker where she delivered talk on the challenges being faced by women in the present era. Prof Nasrin also  highlighted the various role being played by women  citing several inspiring examples. Mrs. Suman Kannaujiya, C.O, warla, Dr. Poonam Batra ,Psychologist and Dr.Rupali Shekhar ,Renuka Hospital, Aligarh were among the other dignitaries present on the occasion. 


The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is in its centenary year and on the way to adding yet another magnificent phase to its glorious history. AMU was established in 1920 and evolved out of the Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College (MAO College), set up in 1877 by the great visionary and social reformer, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. As part of centenary celebrations, the Department of Education conducted various activities for the students like essay writing, slogan writing, poster making and debate. All the activities were conducted via different digital media platform taking into account social distancing due to Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. Research Scholars and students of M.Ed, MA(Education), B.Ed and Diploma in Teaching showed great zeal and got registered online for various activities. Despite their online classes, the students displayed dedication and submitted the essays, posters and slogans wholeheartedly.

The topic of Essay writing competition was 'Relevance of Sir Syed Ahmed's Educational Philosophy in 21st Century'. Mr. Amjad Khan (Ph.D Scholar), Ms. Areeba Khanam and Ms. Kahkashan Amir (B.Ed students) and Ms. Farha Rufi (MA student) participated and contributed impressive written work. Ms. Ufra Shahid (MA Student) made an amazing illustrious poster on 'Online Teaching in Pandemic Timesâ

The theme for Slogan writing competition was 'Shiksha aur Suraksha'. Majority of the registered participants were in this category. Ms. Himshikha Singh was the winner of the Slogan writing competition in Ph.D category, Ms. Kisa Batool Abidi stood first in M.Ed category while Ms. Shama Shakeel was the winner in the MA category . Mohd Salman Ansari was the champion in B.Ed Category.

The debate was organized on the topic 'Khawateen ki naukripesha hona mulk ki tarakki ke liye zaroori hai.' Students of Diploma in Teaching participated in the online debate competition held via Google Meet. Dr. Tabassum Naqi, Faculty of Education, JMI and Dr. Akhtar Parveen, Department of Education and Training, MANUU were invited to the programme as judges by Prof. Nasrin, Chairperson, Department of Education. Team B (Ms. Zainab Arif and Ms. Rubina Akhtar) stood first in the debate competition, Team C (Mr. Sanjay Singh Baghel and Mr. Iqbal Ahmad) secured the second position, Team D (Ms. Ayesha Khatoon and Ms. Saman Aliya) secured the third position while Team A (Mr. M Affan and Mr. Faizan Saeed) got Consolation prize. Individual winners were also announced due to their outstanding performance - Ms. Zainab Arif, Mr. Sanjay Singh Baghel and Ms. Ayesha Khatoon secured First, Second and Third position respectively. Earlier in the debate many of the participants opined that women can play an important role in national development if provided better opportunities in education and employment. 

Report prepared by 

Dr. Anjum Ahmed (Assistant Professor, Department of Education, AMU)

Dr. Razia B (Assistant Professor, Department of Education, AMU)


Department of Education, Aligarh Muslim University observed National Education Day on 12-11-2020 to commemorate the 132nd Birth Anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. An online lecture was organized by the Department on the theme Relevance of Educational Philosophy of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad in the 21st Century via Google Meet platform. The programme began with recitation of versus from holy Quran by Mr. Salman Ansari, B.Ed (Semester III) student. Prof. Nasrin, Chairperson, Department of Education, delivered the welcome address with a short description on the life sketch of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the First Education Minister of Independent India. Dr. Sajid Jamal, Professor, Department of Education introduced the distinguished guest speaker, Prof. Shoeb Abdullah, Former Dean, IASE, JMI, New Delhi to the participants. Prof. Shoeb, in his lecture, focused on two aspects of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, his educational thoughts and his contribution as an educational leader. The speaker shed light on the life of Abul Kalam Azad, highlighting his efforts as a Muslim leader. According to him, Azad was having a unique way of thinking that Education is a matter of great importance and hence central government should ensure uniform standard of education. Azad was a great philosopher who emphasized democratic, humane and balanced education which could produce students with better heart and soul. His idea of social education and production of educated mind in the masses were remarkable and commendable. Along with science and technology, he also wished to include arts and crafts at all stages of education. Prof. Shoeb said ideas of Maulana Azad could also be made use in the present scenario. We could see his idea in the formulation of NEP, 2020

Prof. Nisar Ahmad Khan, Dean faculty of Social Sciences delivered vote of thanks by highlighting the relevance of the principles and policies of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad in the present time. Prof. Nisar said that Maulana Azad believed education should help in holistic development of the Nation. As far as school education is considered, Azad stressed the importance of three language formula and Universalization of Education. Maulana Azad always favored scientific and technological development in the country. The programme came to an end with University Tarana followed by National Anthem. Dr. Shazia Mansoori, Assistant Professor, conducted the programme while Dr. Razia B, Assistant Professor, provided the technical assistance. Dr. Poonam Chauhan (Associate Professor), Dr. Anjum Ahmed (Assistant Professor), Dr. Noora Abdul Kader (Assistant Professor) and Dr.Tarananum (Assistant Professor) assisted Prof. Nasrin in various aspects for organizing the programme successfully.


Department of Education, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh conducted number of activities to observe Vigilance Awareness Week on the theme: “Integrity - A way of Life”.

The faculty members, non-teaching staff and students of the Department commenced the program with the Integrity Pledge on 29th October, 2019 under the leadership of Prof. Nasrin. Essay Writing, Poster Making and Slogan Writing competitions were held and students from different courses participated enthusiastically in these competitions. Prof. Sarwat Ali, Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi judged the competitions.


Department of Education, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh observed Vigilance Awareness Week, 2020 from  October 27 to  November) 27, 2020 as per the directives of Central Vigilance Commission, India. The Vigilance Awareness Week began with the undertaking of Integrity Pledge by teachers, students and non- teaching staff of the department and e- certificates were received by those who took the pledge online for the same from the website of Central Vigilance Commission, India ( Prof. Nasrin, Chairperson, Department of Education, received certificate of Integrity Pledge for the department. The theme for the Vigilance Awareness Week was Anti- Corruption and it was incorporated accordingly in the various related activities conducted thereof in the Department of Education. General awareness through WhatsApp groups, status messages etc. was done to students, teaching and non- teaching staff. Keeping in view the pandemic guidelines, online activities were organised i.e. Slogan Writing and Poster Making. The topic of slogan writing was Anti- Corruption and for poster making, the theme was Vigilant India. Students of all courses were allowed to participate in the activities. Numerous entries were received which showed the enthusiasm and participation of students in making the society corruption free. In the Slogan Writing, Ms. Himshikha Singh secured first prize in the Ph.D category; Ms. Sana Khanam, Mr. Mohammad Haider Raza and Ms. Aiman Kulsoom got First, Second and Third prize respectively in the M.Ed category; Mr. Md. Sohidul Islam and Mr. Zulfiqar Khan received First and Second prize in the B.Ed. category and Ms. Salma Parveen secured First prize in the Diploma in Teaching category. For Poster making, Ms. Asma Aijaz received first prize in M.Ed category; Ms. Ufra Shahid got First Prize in M.A. category; Ms. Maseera Rubaiye and Mr. Md. Sohidul Islam shared first prize in B.Ed category; and Ms. Salma Parveen got first prize in Diploma in Teaching category. The ideas presented by these students in the slogan writing and poster making were creative and motivating to help spread the idea of anti- corruption and vigilant India. The week long programme was conducted by Dr. Shazia Mansoori, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, AMU. Report prepared by Dr. Shazia Mansoori.


National Voters Day was celebrated on January 25, 2020, in the Department of Education, Aligarh Muslim University to spread awareness of voting rights among the students and staff as it is very much necessary for effective participation of the masses in the electoral process. On this occasion Voters pledge was taken in the lawn of Department of Education, AMU headed by Dr. Mujibul Hasan Siddiqui, Associate Professor, Department of Education, AMU. All the faculty members of the department, Research Scholars, Students and Non Teaching Staffs enthusiastically took part in this ceremony.


As per the instructions of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India, the Department of Education, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh observed the National Campaign, Swachhata Pakhwada, 2020 by conducting various activities. On 22nd January, the Faculty members and the students along with non-teaching took the Swachhata Pledge to keep the premises as well as the surroundings of the department neat and clean. Prof. Nasrin, Chairperson of the department made all the present members to take the oath. A Plantation Drive was also organized in this spirit. Under the supervision of Prof. Nasrin, all the  faculty members, students as well as the non-teaching staff joined hands to enhance the greenery of the campus. Saplings were sown inside as well as outside the department lawns. The students also took pledge to look after their plants and water them regularly. Likewise on 25th  of  January 2020, a Cleanliness Drive programme was conducted to clean the premises that signified  the effect of the programme in a more glorified way. Besides this, the leaked taps of the department were spotted and rectified so that through water conservation eco - friendly environment may be obtained. In continuation on 25th of the January 2020 a cleanliness drive regarding weeding out of the old files and records also took place.


A Plantation Drive was organized in the Department of Education, AMU as per the directives from the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. Research Scholars and students of
M.Ed., M.A. (Education), B. Ed., B.A.(Education) , DT
as well as the non-teaching staff joined hands to enhance the greenery of the campus. Saplings of medicinal plants, flowering shrubs and some fruit yielding ones including Guava, Prunus Dulcis (almond), Gulmohar, Dracaena, Neem, Tulsi were planted in our department lawns. The students took oath to look after their plants and water them regularly.
A fruitful interaction between the students and the teachers was noticed outside classroom under the bower of nature. The drive succeeded in initiating consciousness towards mother nature by letting students soil their hands in mud and sow on their own. It also kindled a sense of responsibility among the students so they may develop a bond with the nature.

SEPT 12 – SEPT 19, 2019 DEEKSHARAMBH’ 2019

Deeksharambh, Induction programme was conducted in the Department of Education, AMU for newly admitted students of Ist Semester of all courses (B.Ed., M.Ed., MA., and DT) to acquaint them about the new situations and culture of the department as well as the university.

In the inaugural session, Prof. Shafey Qidwai, Department of Mass Communications, AMU addressed the students about the vide legacy of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.
Professor Nasrin introduced about the various courses and curriculum as well as the historical background of the department on Day 2. She also specially highlighted all those subjects which are of vital importance in Teacher Education such as Educational Philosophy, Educational Psychology, Educational Technology etc Lectures were delivered on various topics concerning the role of teachers, guidance and counselling, Inclusive Education, Issues of social relevance, National development concerns and Ethics and Values. Dr. Mujibul Hasan Siddiqui, Associate Professor and Dr Rekha Rani, Assistant Professor from Department of Education , AMU; Dr. Giriraj Singh, Former Dean, Department of Education, B.R. Ambedkar University; Dr. Malik R Faisal, Assistant Regional Director, IGNOU and Dr, Ashok  Sharma, Regional Director, IGNOU took part as resource persons in this programme.