Department of Mechanical Engineering

Medals, Awards and Patents

Dept. data last updated on :18/05/2022
PATENTS (Published)

1. Jha S., Khan D.A., Alam Z., Magnetorheological finishing tool with electromagnet cooling, Application No. 201811010878, A Patent published on 27 September 2019, India.

2. Jha S., Alam Z., Khan D.A., System for supplying polishing fluid, Application No. 201811010070, A Patent published on 20 September 2019, India.

3. Anwar S., Usmani A. Y., Singh S., Chaudhary A., Omama M., Jha R., Akhtar S J. and Anwar S. F., Modular autonomous underwater vehicle for algae identification and collection using Particle Image Velocimetry., Application No.201911015527 A Patent published on 17 May 2019, India.

4. Jain A., Rehman M. M., Shahzer. A, Hasan S., Varshney A. K., Khan S. S. U., Sharma R., Sharma R., Suresh N., Chaudhary A., Varshney A., Akhtar S. J. and Anwar S., A low cost autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) having five degrees of freedom and minimum of two thrusters., Application No. 201911014948, A Patent published on 17 May 2019, India.

5. Mustafa A., Anas M. and Anwar S., Sensor controlled side stand lifter mechanism for bike., Application No. 201711001439, A Patent published on 26 April 2019, India.