Department of Mechanical Engineering

Medals, Awards and Patents

Dept. data last updated on :02/06/2023


  1. A hybrid Autonomous underwater vehicle system for flood relief operations [Patent Number : 405990]. (Dated: 07 Sept 2022)
  2. A multi chamber eccentric laboratory ball mill for mechanical alloying [Patent Number : 397845]. (Dated: 27 May 2022)
  3. Controlled environment stir welding (CESW) [Patent Number: 401674]. (Dated: 20 July 2022)


  1. Adaptive minimum quantity lubricant system and process for monitoring and controlling temperature during machining operation. (Dated: 23 Oct 2020)
  2. A Regenrative Braking System (RBS) 'KATAS' for IC Powered Vehicle for Generation and Storage of Electrical Power. (Dated: 03 Jan 2020)
  3. Magnetorheological finishing tool with electromagnet cooling. (Dated: 27 Sept 2019)
  4. System for supplying polishing fluid. (Dated: 20 Sept 2019)
  5. A design of tundish for better inclusion of floatation. (Dated: 18 Oct 2019)
  6. A low cost autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) having five degrees of freedom and minimum of two thrusters. (Dated: 17 May 2019)
  7. Modular autonomous underwater vehicle for algae identification and collection using Particle Image Velocimetry. (Dated: 17 May 2019)
  8. A Mechanical Hand Tremor Suppression Device for a Parkinson’s Disease Patient. (Dated: 10 Aug 2018)
  9. Sensor controlled side stand litter mechanism for bike. (Dated: 03 Feb 2017)
  10. Automatic Car Cover with automatic throw. (Dated: 14 Oct 2016)
  11. Aluminium alloy matrix nano composites (namcs) with elevated mechanical properties. (Dated: 26 Aug 2016).
  12. Ignition switch operated Fuel Lock for motorcycles. (Dated: 19 Aug 2016)
  13. Cloud Based Management System of Hyperglycaemic Disorders of Pregnancy. (Dated: 22 July 2016)
  14. Design and development of shackle free pin tumbler lock. (Dated: 17 June 2016)
  15. Electric, plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle [xEVs] battery swapping management. (Dated: 27 May 2016)
  16. Development of nano sized zinc oxide nanoparticles of varied incubation periods for regulating anti-querum sensing. (Dated: 14 Aug 2015)
  17. Fabrication of zinc oxide strands with efficient anti-biofilm activity. (Dated: 14 Aug 2015)
  18. Synthesis of machinable Calcium Carbonate Polymethyl Methacrylate polymer matrix composite by a new method. (Dated: 19 June 2015)