Department of Mechanical Engineering

Thrust Area

Dept. data last updated on :06/05/2024


Fluid Mechanics

• Computational Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer

• DNS of Canonical turbulent flows and their control

• Fluid Structure Interactions

• Characterization and application of nano-fluids

• Engineering Acoustics

• Biofluid/Cardiovascular flows

Heat Transfer 

• Natural Convection Boiling of Liquids

• Advanced Vapor Absorption Refrigeration Cycles

• Desiccant-Based Dehumidification Process

• Droplet and Spray Combustion Modelling.

• Engine Combustion and Emission Control

• Solar Thermal Energy

Machine Design

• Computational and experimental solid mechanics.

• Nonlinear dynamics and control.

• Fracture & fatigue.

• Composites and smart materials.

• Impact mechanics.

• Surfaces effects in soft solids.

• Condition Monitoring

Industrial and Production

• Manufacturing Engineering

• Material Science

• Powder Metallurgy

• Ergonomics

• Operations Management