Department of Pharmacology


Dept. data last updated on :29/11/2021

SOPs for Department in General

  • Official Working Hours 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Department opens 30 minutes prior to the official timings.

  • Sweepers are responsible for cleaning and up keep of the department.

  • All the staff members and P.G. students enter signature in the respective attendance registers and staff and student on leave are clearly mentioned in the register

  • Before closing the department all, the electrical switches and water taps are checked.

SOPs for Store

The store keeper plays a important role in smooth functioning of the Department i.e.

  • Purchase of all necessary items of the department.

  • All purchase/repair of the amount ranging between 1 – 25,000 are done through Chairman

  • Purchase ranging between 25,000 – 2.5 lakhs are to be done through the purchase committee.

  • Purchase >2.5 lakhs are done through Finance office of the University.

  • Funds are utilized by prescribed University Rules / General Finance rule (GFR 2017)

  • Various Registers are maintained by the Stores

SOPs for Office

  • Dak is received and entered in the receipt register of the Department of Pharmacology.

  • Papers are put before the chairman for comments.

  • According to the instructions/ comments of the Chairman action is taken by the office.

  • Dak which needs to be to other places / offices of the University are properly entered into the despatch register with a number and then sent accordingly.