N.R.S.C. Hall

N.R.S.C. Hall


Non-Resident Student's Centre (NRSC) is a centre for non-resident students (male) who are studying in the University from class Under Graduate to Ph.D.  It was established in 1943.  It is a centre for sports, literary, hobbies and cultural activities and encompassing an area of about 5000 sq. yards.  It has various sections like common room, reading hall, coaching & guidance hall, literary section, hobbies section, etc.  The Provost office is adjacent to the new office of Dean, Student's Welfare.  The NRSC club is situated near the Academic Staff College premises opposite A.K. Tibbiya Hospital.  It has a glowing history of past.


The aim of the club is to promote the talent of students in literary, hobbies, cultural and sports activities. Presently the club has a Indoor wooden badminton court, mini Football ground and the basketball court is under renovation.  The common room facilities include indoor games like carom and chess.  A Library and Reading Hall is also available.

NRSC had the privilege of being the venue for prestigious AMU Court Meetings.


NRSC has been a symbol of communal harmony and cultural exchange. NRSC also provides space for Foreign students' cultural activities.