Computer Unit

Computer Unit, Finance and Accounts Department

  • Computer Unit of Finance & Accounts Department is a very important Section of Finance & Accounts Department. All the Sections of Finance & Accounts Department are connected via LAN. Each and every Section is provided with a sufficient number of Desktop Computers which are managed by the staff of Computer Unit.
  • The work assigned to the Main Computer Unit of Finance & Accounts Department is of the Salary Section, PF Section, Accounts Section, Budget Section, Pension Section, Bill Section, HBL & Conveyance Advance Section etc. Out of this the work of Salary and Pension Section i.e., payment of salary and pension every month is very important, sensitive  and time bound, besides the payment of loans and withdrawals from Provident Fund which also need immediate disposal of papers.
  • The Computer Unit prepares salary of about 9000 staff and pension of about 5000 retirees every month and it also deals with a large number of forms of loans and withdrawals of Provident Fund daily.
  • Apart from above, Computer Unit also files the quarterly and Annual Return of Income Tax for TDS pertaining to Employees and Pensioners.