Department of Political Science

Under Graduate

Dept. data last updated on :02/06/2023


BA (Batchelor of Arts) (CBCS System)


Political Science




Senior Secondary School Certificate or an equivalent examination with at least 50% marks.

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The students are imparted knowledge to prepare them for National Level Competitive Exams and for various other openings like Banking, Business/Start-ups, Teaching at school levels etc. Pursuing PG studies is also available as an option to them.


Upon completion of the BA at the Department, students are expected to:

  1. Demonstrate a proficiency in area of Political Science in general and in particular about the basic principles of the discipline, comparative politics, Political philosophy, International Relations, Foreign Policies etc.

  2. Demonstrate the understanding and the practical application of ethical standards as well as scientific temperament in public and private life.

  3. Demonstrate the ability to understand, and critically analyse the political ideas.

  4. Demonstrate the competence for higher studies and/or careers in the public or private sectors.


The POs of Bachelor of Arts are:

  1. To train the students to become proficiently able in respective fields of studies/disciplines to demonstrate their potential for pursuing PG Course in ranking institutions.

  2. To cultivate in them the need for ethics and professionalism so that they become a responsible citizen, serve the society and fulfill their Aspirations.

  3.  To inspire them to acquire innovative entrepreneurial and leadership qualities.