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Cancer Awareness Week, Feb 4-10th, 2022

The Department of Surgery, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, AMU organized a cancer awareness week from 4 - 10th

February 2022. The highlights of the week were inaugural function, academic lectures, outreach camp, poster making and survivor’s story. The objectives of the program were to create awareness about the early detection of cancer, its treatment and closing the gap in cancer care.

Dr. Hameeda Tariq, renowned paediatrician inaugurated the camp at trauma centre. She spoke on cost effective care in cancer treatment at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (OPD 10). She also talked to the cancer survivors.

Speaking on the cancer awareness week, Chairman, Department of surgery, Prof Afzal Anees said that every single one of us has the ability to make a difference, small or large and together we need to play our part in creating cancer free India.

The Dean, faculty of Medicine, Prof Rakesh Bhargawa stressed on educating the community towards cancer in the inaugural function.

The Principal, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Prof. Shahid Siddiqui spoke on myths and taboos related to cancer. He also spoke on closing the gap in cancer care.

The Guests of Honour for the cancer awareness week were an international faculty Dr. Joel Leroy, a colorectal surgeon, oncologist from Hanoi and Dr. Kumar Rishikesh, medical oncologist from Apollo hospital, New Delhi. They emphasized on early detection of cancer and appreciated the department of surgery for organizing cancer awareness week.

Prof Afzal Anees, Dr. M. Sadik Akhtar, Dr. Shahbaz H. Faridi and Dr. Yusuf Afaque took academic lectures.

Prof Afzal Anees, Prof MH Raza, Prof M. Aslam, Prof S.A.A Rizvi, Prof S. Hasan Harris, Prof Atia Z. Rab, Dr Wasif M. Ali, Dr M. Sadik Akhtar, Dr Shahbaz H.Faridi and Dr Yusuf Afaque, Dr. M. Nafees and Dr. S. Aakif Faridi took part in organizing the cancer awareness week.

Resident doctors performed a skit on cancer awareness at the outreach camp.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof Tariq Mansoor congratulated the Department of Surgery for the initiative to organize cancer awareness week.

Dr. Syed Aakif Faridi proposed the vote of thanks.

For further query on cancer, department of surgery (OPD 10) is always available to help you.

Special Clinics for the people with specific issues

  • Inauguration of following Special Clinics by the Vice-Chancellor and Pro Vice-Chancellor in Surgery OPD on 10th April 2013 for common people wit specific clinical issues:

1) Monday - Diabetic Foot Clinic

2) Tuesday - Infertility Clinic

3) Wednesday - Thyroid Clinic

4) Thursday - Colo-rectal Surgery Clinic

5) Friday - Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery Clinic

6) Saturday - Breast Clinic

  • For the awareness of common people and general surgeons practitioner  in city and surrounding areas we send the news & reports to the local news papers .