Dr. Manzoor Ahmad

I have done my MBBS in 2006 and MS in 2010 from J.N. Medical College and joined as senior resident in this department in 2010. After that I passed MRCS (Glasgow) examinaton in 2011 and DNB (Gen. Surgery) exam in 2012. I have done two years hands-on Fellowship and training in Urology from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK. I am currently working as Assistant Professor in this Department since November 2012. I have attended many Urology, General surgery, Laparoscopy and Trauma related workshops and training programmes in India and in U.K. I have presented papers and published articles in various national and state journals. I have also published one book and written one chapter in a book in reputed publications. My aim is to do academic research work, to share my knowledge and experience with my juniors and apply my clinical skills to ease the sufferings of the community. 

I have the responsibility of starting and maintaining Urology services including OPDs and theatres at my institution. My near future aim is creation of a separate Urology unit in the department. I intend to bring projects for the establishment of high quality Urology care services. At present I am conducting Urology OPD on Tuesdays and Fridays and operating on Mondays. 

  1. Publication


    Papers published in journals

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    • Papers read at conferences
    1. Correlation between endoscopic findings and histopathology in esophageal lesions. Annual Conference Of ASI- UP and Uttarakhand- UPASICON 2014, AMU, Aligarh
    2. A study of clinical and microbiological profile of diabetic foot cases at JNMC, AMU, Aligarh. Annual Conference Of ASI- UP and Uttarakhand- UPASICON 2013, Ghaziabad
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    1. Ahmad M. Oxidative stress and DNA damage in prostate tumours: with antioxidant status during treatment course. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing- 2012, ISBN-978-3-8484-8236-8, 89 pages
    2. Contributed a chapter on “Epidemiology, Etiology and Risk factors for Covid-19” in book entitled Covid 19: A Holistic Perspective” pages 14-39, published by Sunrise Publishers with ISBN 978-81-947489-0-8

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