Dr. Md. Yusuf Afaque



    Assistant Professor


    Laparoscopic Surgery, Advance Hernia Surgery, Gastro-Intestinal Surgery, General Surgery


    Department of Surgery, JN Medical College, AMU , Aligarh




Dr. Md Yusuf Afaque pursued his fellowship national board of examination (FNB) in minimal access surgery (laparoscopic surgery) at Max super speciality hospital, Saket, New Delhi, and then got trained in AIIMS, New Delhi, for three years. He is an editor of an upcoming international journal and reviewer of two international and three national journals. He has published three review articles apart from many other key articles. He has authored a chapter in the book on small bowel endoscopy (Intech Open, London, UK).  He has a YouTube channel for teaching operative techniques of complex surgeries.

  1. Publication

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