Dr. Shahbaz Habib Faridi

    MBBS, MS (Surgery), DNB, FMAS


    Assistant Professor


    Advanced laparoscopic surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Breast Surgery, Abdominal Wall reconstruction


    B1, First Floor, Al - Hafeez Apartment, New SS Nagar, Aligarh, UP (202002,


    9897127431 ,



    Time table Dr Shahbaz Habib Faridi

Dr. Shahbaz H Faridi completed his residency in MS General Surgery in 2010 from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical college, AMU Aligarh. Thereafter he worked as senior resident in the department till he was appointed as Assistant Professor in 2012. He cleared his DNB  exam in 2013 from the National board of Examinations. Dr. Faridi has also done prestigious fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery (FMAS) from AMASI. He has published more than 50 National and international papers in various journal of repute. He has also co-authored a book Common Bile Duct Exploration: Experiences and Study published by Lambert Academic Publishing-2011 (ISBN 978-3-8454-3056-0). His main interest is in Advanced laparoscopic surgery, Colorectal Surgery and Hepatobiliary Surgery.
  1. Publication
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