Pension Section


Pension Section of the Finance Office deals with the payment of pension and pensionery benefits in the light of the orders issued by the Service Book & Pension Section of the Registrar’s Office as well as the payment of Leave Encashment (Teaching/Non-Teaching), as per the orders issued by the concerned sections.

Besides, the pensioners visit this section once every year in the month of November to submit their Life Certificate and to receive their Pension Statements.  Unmarried/Widowed/Divorced daughters have to visit this section twice a year in the months of April and October to submit their Life/Non-Marriage/Non-Employment Certificates.

Payment of pension and pensionery benefits is released to pensioners through PFMS portal on monthly basis.

Pension Slip and life certificate is available online on AMU’s portal to facilitate the pensioners, enabling them to view their payments & deductions on monthly basis.

Form-16 is also issued by this section to the pensioners in the month of May every year.