Student Section

Student Section

The following work is done by the Student’s Section,

Finance & Accounts Department, AMU, Aligarh.

  1. The data is maintained of the students who have paid their fees online.

  2. Maintenance of the hall accounts.

  3. Maintenance of accounts clubs, societies & Student’s Union.

  4. To examine the bills relating to Halls, Club Societies & Student’s Union with the correspondence of the Provost /other authorities of the respective halls.

  5. Maintain of Alumni accounts in controlling register & cash book.

  6. Preparation of cheques relating to Halls / Clubs / societies etc.

  7. Refunding of cancellation of admission to the students.

  8. Transfer of Hall dues to respective Halls.

  9. Excess payment done by the student is refunded to the students.

  10. Refund of NRI fee to the students.

  11. Refund of double payment to the student.

  12. Handle all the queries of the student relating to financial matters.

  13. Maintenance of FDR’s.

  14. Receive dispatch registers are maintained.

  15. Advance required in halls for any emergency work is maintained in the controlling register and thereafter the adjustment is also done for the same.