Bills Section



Staff of Bills Section scrutinize the bills of suppliers/firms received from various Departments of this University recommended by the Chairman/Head of the Department concerned out of their Budget Provision (None Salary component). If the bill of supplier/firm is in order as per existing purchase rules "Manual on Policies and Procedure for purchase of Goods" then the same is sent for payment through Treasury Single Account (T.S.A) in favour of concerned supplier/firm. In case, the bill of supplier/firm is not found in order or as per existing Purchase Rules, it is sent back to the concerned Head of Department after pin pointing the irregularity (s) with the request to remove the irregularity.

Besides this, staff of Bills Section makes the payment to employees of this University for the reimbursement of Medical Attendance Scheme, LTC, H.T.C bills, Honorarium to the Teaching staff of outside University, reimbursement of Honorarium to the teaching staff, G.T.A, T.A to Delegates, T.A/D.A to University Employees, besides this Bills Section also issue T.D.S certificate to suppliers/firms of Income Tax, scholarship for player are also paid from this Section.