Finance Office

Finance Office

From the Desk of the Finance Officer
     The Finance & Accounts Department of the University is an integral part of the University Administration without which the smooth functioning of the University can hardly be imagined. It is the Custodian of Trust Funds, Endowments and all the moveable and immoveable properties of the University.  For smooth discharge of the financial transactions and maintenance of transparency & accuracy, the Finance & Accounts Department has been divided into various Sections which are headed by different Joint/Deputy Finance Officers. Each Section has its own assigned work and works independently to coordinate with other Sections of the Finance & Accounts Department as well with different Departments/Offices/Functionaries of the University. It also has a constant vigil over the ways and means position of the University and manages University investments. The Department is discharging its duties in an efficient and transparent way without prejudice to any Office/Department. Through its Internal Audit Office, it exercises adequate check over the financial transactions of the University and scrutinizes various records pertaining to revenue and other receipts/expenditure to ensure that correct accounts are maintained without any error and leakage of revenue. 
      I, being the Head of the Department, strive to the best of my ability to follow the Rules and Regulations in its entirety and always expect   the same from my colleagues of this Department. I along with my colleagues am always ready and willing to extend optimum cooperation to various Functionaries and students to resolve their financial issues with strict adherence to the Rules.  Cooperation from the University Functionaries, students and staff is also required for the smooth, transparent and efficient functioning of this Office.  
Appeal for Donations from munificent donors to Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
June 07, 2017
Dear Brethren, 
The Aligarh Muslim University is a Central Government funded University. The University was established by an Act of Parliament, Government of India No. XL of 1920. Section 5(2)c) of the Act clearly envisages that the university has been established to promote especially the educational and cultural advancement of the Muslims of India. 
The Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development and the University Grants Commission time and again are insisting for internal resource generation at the University level. For the infrastructural development of the University and for furtherance and excellence in academic and research activities, there is dire need of funds. The grants released by the funding agencies can hardly suffice the bare minimum requirements of the University for meeting out the expenditure on salaries, pensionary benefits and other charges.    
In the circumstances, enumerated above, your charitable mission in extending your hands for munificent donations/contribution may immensely help in infrastructural development of the University. The University is looking forward for your early response for transferring the funds in favour of the University. 
The Bank details for transferring the fund are given below:-
1. If  the donor is Indian National or NRI:
Name of Account : AMU Alumni Fund
Name of the Bank: Canara Bank
Account No.        : 0364101056837
Branch Name      : AMU Branch
IFSC Code No.    : CNRB0005247

2. If the donor is Foreign citizen/ Foreign institution:
Name of Account         : AMU Misc Account
Bank Account No.        : 10612177027
Name of Bank               : State Bank of India
Branch Name                 : AMU Branch
IFSC CODE                     : SBIN0005555
Swift Code                     : SBININBB221


Appeal for Donations and subsequent Rebate in Income Tax u/s 80G


                                                                                                                  Dated.  02.05.2019


            The Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (Exemption), New Delhi vide his Notification (Income Tax) No. CCIT(E)/Order u/s 80G(2)(a)(iiif)/2018-19/6113 dated 25.03.2019 has communicated that the Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh has been granted 100% exemption u/s 80G (2)(a)(iiif) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 r.w.r. 18AAA of the Income Tax Rule, 1962 for donation received wholly and exclusively to the objects for which it is established .

            Those who are willing to donate to the University exclusively to the objects for which it is established can get the certificate of exemption under Section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961.  The donors can claim exemptions for their donations. The donation can be given through online/Draft/Cheque.

1.The details of Bank Account are as follows:

Name of the Account                :AMU Donation Account

      Account No.                              :38430521716

     Name of the Bank                     :State Bank Of India

     Branch Name                            :AMU Branch, Aligarh

     IFSC Code                                :SBIN0005555

     Swift Code                                :SBININBB221
     MICR                                        :202002099