Finance Office


                    (SOP) of Finance Officer's Secretariat, A.M.U., Aligarh




Files and letters/office memos/circulars/miscellaneous papers are received from different Offices/Sections of the University and are diarized in the Finance Officer's Secreetirat. Emails are also received from different sources, including various Ministries of the Government of India, on daily basis.


All files, letters/office memos/circulars/miscellaneous papers and emails are placed before the Finance Officer for his perusal, order, instruction and signature thereupon. Thereafter, the same are sent to the concerned offices/sections for further necessary action. In some urgent matters, before sending hard copies of the emails received, the same are also forwarded to the

 offices/sections  so that the action required to be taken/can be initiated/taken within the stipulated time period.


To coordinate the arrangements of the meetings where the Finance Officer is either  Member or Convener of the Committee. Also, the Finance Officer's Secretariat conduct the same.


To maintain Casual Leave Record of the Joint Finance Officers,
Deputy Finance Officers, Assistant Finance Officer and as well as the staff of the Finance Officer Secretariat.


To manage/attend the Visitors and their queries regarding seeking appointment to meet the Finance Officer and to resolve their issues.


To attend telephone calls from all over the University and also from outside the University to dispose of the queries/issues, etc.


To prepare Engagements of the Finance Officer on daily basis.


To keep the record of the Minutes of the Meetings, important Office Memos and Circulars, Engagements, etc. issued from the different offices/sections of the University.