Academic Section

Academic Section

Academic Section

The Academic Section of the Registrar's Office situated at 3rd floor of the Administrative Block deals with the following:-

  1. Permission as well as grant of financial assistance to the teachers of the Departments of Studies for attending Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshop/ Symposia etc within India and Abroad.

  1. Grant financial assistance to the Research Scholars for attending Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshop/ Symposia etc within India and abroad, financial assistant for Publication Work/ Field work.

  1. Sanction of Duty Leave to University Teachers for academic purpose.

  1. Permission as well as grant of financial assistance for National/ International Conference/ Seminar/ Symposia/ Workshop/ CME etc. in the University.

  1. Permission and payment of TA/DA to the staff accompanying the students on Educational tours.

  1. Issuing endorsement certificate for Travel Grant to Teachers/ Research Scholars.
  1. All schemes of Ministry of Education, Govt. of India etc.

  1. Major/ Minor Research Project funded by the different funding agencies to the teachers of the University. Permission for field work and other visits under the head of concerned projects.

  1. Issuing orders for awardees of ICMR Fellowship (JRF/ SRF/ RA), ICSSR Fellowship (Short-Term/ Doctoral Fellowship/ Post-Doctoral Fellowship/ Senior Fellowship), DST (DST-INSPIRE-JRF/ SRF, DST-WOS-Women Scientist Fellowship), DHR-Young Scientist Fellowship under HRD Scheme, DBT- Ramaligaswami Re-entry Fellowship (Ministry of Science and Technology)/ Research Associate/ JRF (Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India), NBHM-Post Doctoral Fellowship (Atomic Energy, Govt. of India).

  1. The request from Principal Investigators of the Projects regarding adhoc appointment to be made under DRS-SAP Programme sanctioned as well as Projects funded by the UGC.

  1. Issuing orders for grant of stipend to the MD (Unani) students, Scholarship to the students of Post-Graduate Diploma in Hydrogeology, Stipend to the students of Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery Course, Studentship to the students of M.Sc. Biotechnology, UGC-National Scholarship to the M.A. 1st Semester Students, Centre of Advance Study (Department of History).

  1. Appointment of External Examiners to constitute Assessment Committee for upgradation of Fellowship from JRF to SRF of the Research Scholars.

  1. The request seeking for recognition of Madarsa Courses with this University. Keeping record of Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs)/ Memorandum of Agreement (MoAs) with other National and International Institutions, Issue of the Certificates for Medium of instructions to the students.

  1. Issuing the notices of the meeting of Board of Studies, Faculties and other related works.
  1. Any other work assigned by the authorities.