Computer Cell (Registrar Office)

Computer Cell (Registrar Office)

Computer Cell

Registrar's Office

           The Computer Cell of the Registrar's Office is very important Section.The Section deals the work of SC-NT & SC-T Section. To achieve the goal of the section the following steps are taken:-

·    Teaching and Non-Teaching Applications forms received in response to the advertisement and a statement is prepared post wise indicating the particulars of the candidates.

      ·       Feeding of the Non Teaching,Departmental Promotion Committees forms. 

    Feeding of the T
eaching  Advertisement & CAS forms.

·       Application forms along with statement are sent to the SC-NT & SC-T.


 Prepared intimation letters to the eligible candidates for SC-NT & SC-T Section.

·      To maintain and update Seniority List of Professors, Associate Professors & Assistant Professors in Department-wise and Faculty-wise.

·       Disposal of RTI applications/appeals.

·         Uploading the New Advertisements of Teaching/Non Teaching in the Office
of the Registrar Web page.

·   Upload results of the Shortlisted candidates for the Non-Teaching Post, on the Office of the Registrar Web page.