Service Book and Pension Section

Service Book and Pension Section

      The Service Book & Pension Section mainly deals with the following types of works:


Type of work

Duration for completion of work

Remark, if any


Preparation of the Service Books of all University employees and retirees.

         1 week

The duration given is subject to the paper if found in order


Preparation and issue of retirement notification of all categories of university employees retiring during each calendar year.

         3 Months


Sanction of pensionary benefits to the retired / deceased employees of the university after obtaining reports from different Sections i.e. P.F., Leave and D.E. Section.

         1-2 Months


To deal with the requests of Post-retrial spouses for grant them family pension etc.

         15-30 Days


To deal with the complaints made against the university employees from different corners regarding forged documents in support of proof of date of birth.

         15 Days


To deal with the cases of counting of past services of the employees who served elsewhere before joining AMU service.

         15 Days


To deal with the cases of transfer of the services of employees who joined elsewhere after rendering service at AMU.

         15 Days


Verification of the documents submitted by employees in support of proof of date of birth before confirmation / entry point from the concerned Boards/Authority. 

         15 Days


To maintain the records of nomination Forms of Gratuity of all the employees of the University.

         1 Week


To deal with the cases for grant of disabled family pension to the mentally retarded/physically crippled son/daughter of university employees.

         1-2 Months


To provide the details of family and nomination forms of the Gratuity of the deceased employee whenever required from the different offices of the university i.e. Leave, CGIS, P.F. & Pension Section etc. 

         2-3 Days


To deal with the RTI applications received from different corners for providing information as well as disposals of appeals, relating to the Service Book & Pension Section.

         5-25 Days


To issue the Service Book to the Account Section for making necessary entries of the employees for their LTC/HTC claims.

         2-3- Days


To deal with the requests of teaching staff for sanction of Voluntary retirement from the university services.

         1-2 Months