Administration (Teaching)

Administration (Teaching)/प्रशासन अनुभाग (शिक्षण/ایڈمنسٹریشن سیکشن (تدریس

Administration Section (Teaching)

The Section deals with the following:

·    To upkeep schedule of establishment of teachers (Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors) and School Teachers including Senior Secondary Schools (Boys/Girls).

·   To issue appointment orders of teaching staff including school teachers as soon as recommendations of GSC/LSC, duly approved by the Vice-Chancellor, are received from the Selection Committee Section (Teaching).

·    To sanction non-compounded advance increments to teachers as an incentive for Ph.D./ M.Phil. and other higher qualifications as per clause 11(c) of the Chapter IV of the Ordinances (Executive).

·        To issue confirmation orders of teachers on satisfactory completion of probation period.

·        To issue Leave Encashment order under LTC Scheme and on retirement of the teachers.

·        To sanction various types of leaves to teachers, (Study Leave,EOL,LAP,Sabbatical Leave).

·        To issue appointment orders of:

Ø  Dean of the Faculties: (As per Statute 7 of the Statutes of the University)

Ø  Chairman of the Department of Studies:  (As per Statute 8 (1) of the Statutes of the University read with Clause 4 of Chapter II of Ordinances (Academic).   

Ø  Provost:
(As per Statute 11 of the Statutes of the University).   

Ø  DSW: (As per Statute 10 of the Statutes of the University).

Ø  Proctor: (As per Statute 12 of the Statutes of the University).

·        Disposal of RTI applications/ appeals

·        To grant No Object Certificate (NOC) to teachers

·        Any other work assigned from time to time