General Section

General Section

General Section,

Registrar's Office


The General Section created in 1987, is functioning smoothly under the supervision of the successive Deputy Registrars/Assistant Registrars entrusted with the responsibility so far. Since its inception, the main work of General Section is to prepare the Annual Report of the University under the direction of the Executive Council and the University Court. In addition to this, the section is dealing with multifarious type of work such as:-


§  Work related to Central Condemnation of the different  obsolete and outdated items, equipments of  various Departments/ Offices of the University,

§  Work related to the Custom Duty Exemption as well as Central Excise Exemption of the different Departments/Offices of the University,

§  Coordination work as well as partial follow up regarding Committee Against Sexual Harassment for Gender Sensitization (CASHFGS) Committee. 

§  Correspondence of Official Language (Hindi) Implementation Committee with the Ministry of HRD/UGC and other govt. agencies etc.

§  Works related to the various Annual Service/Maintenance Contract of xeroxing machines installed in entire University, air conditioners, Administrative Block and telephones attached with the VC's Sectt. 

§  Circulation of advertisement of different posts which are received from different govt. as well as outside agencies,

§  Preparation of I-card of all employees of the University,

§  Reimbursement of medi-claim of the employees of the Registrar's Office, medical facilities to the retirees as well as employees of the University,

§  Deployment of University staff in election duty of Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, and Panchayat elections, 

§  Correspondence related to arrangements of polling booth of different schools/centre/halls for electoral list as well as conducting elections,

§  Deployment of the University light vehicles for patrolling in elections,

§  Deputation of staff in procuring the information for Census.

§  The Section also performs any other work assigned by any higher authorities from time to time.