General Section

Staff and Work Assigned



Position held

Work assigned

Mobile No.

S. M. Rizwanur Rahman

Joint Registrar

Head of the section,

All files of the section which proceed further are routed through Head

Extn 4281

M. Sarfaraz Alam Saifi

Section OfficerSupervision of the Section
Marking of DAK
Extn 1168
Mohd. Ashraf KhanAssistant Registrar
CPIO of the Section

Extn 1185

Mohd. Nayeem Akhter



Marking of Dak and Work relating to prepare draft reply of RTI applications,

Works related to Medical Attendance Scheme

Works related to the Internal Complaints Committee

Works related to the various Annual Service/Maintenance Contract of the following:

Air Conditioners of Administrative Block

Computers and its allied items of the Sections/Cells of the Registrar’s Office

Outsourcing of the Xeroxing machines of Common Facility Centre and Duplicating Cell

Contract of Telephones attached with VC’s Secretariat

AMC of Deserts Coolers/Water Coolers of Administrative Block

Annual Report of the University (Team Works)

Supervision of ONLINE disposal of public grievance, which downloaded from a “Public Grievance Portal (pgportal.gov.in/cpgoffice) where complainants may lodge their grievances on line on CPGRMS.

Correspondence for renewal of Custom Duty Exemption Certificate.

Correspondence related to University vehicle

Correspondence related to University vehicles for the election purpose

Centenary Celebrations year 2020 (sharing with Mr. Moonis)

Time Capsule (Sharing with Moonis).

Works relating to online meeting which is to be convened b the

Correspondence related to Smart City Projects (Agra, Aligarh& Bareilly)

Any other matter which is assigned by the Registrar

ONLINE compilation of the information relating to the Non-teaching staff on the portal provided by NIC, Aligarh for Election of Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, and Panchayat elections and its related correspondence (All staff of the Section)

Compilation of the information related to the DSIR Certificate from various Departments/Centres of the University (Team works)

Preparing the minutes of the meeting convened by the Registrar

Preparing the minutes of the University functions as and when the meeting is convened.

Latest correspondence related to any other issue in Hindi be made (sharing with Mr. Faizuddin )



Faisal Saeed KhanTech. Assistant Photocopying work of different Sections, Cells, Units of the Registrar's Office, Finance Office, PVC's Secretariat and VC's Secretariat9045098022

Qazi Moonis Saleem
Assistant Admin

Issuing of Notice of University Holidays

Issuing of NOC for passport

Holding meetings of University Functions and ancillary work

To conduct the elections of Union of Non – Teaching, Technical, School Teachers & MTS

To arrange condolence meeting

Issuance of Book of Railway Concession to all Halls of Residences and sending statement of the same to the Railway authority.

To deal with handicapped allowance to the Teaching and Non-Teaching staff.

To deal with incentive increment under family planning scheme (sterilization operation)

Collection of Amount for Communal Harmony & Flag Day


FaizuddinHindi Typist

Correspondence of Official Language (Hindi) Implementation Committee/Hindi correspondence

Draft note in Hindi for detailing the University light vehicles for patrolling in elections.

Deputation of staff in procuring the information for Census

Arrangements of pooling booth of different schools/Centre/halls for electoral list as well as conducting elections.

ECI’s correspondence etc.

Issuance of notices of Holidays in Hindi/Urdu

Abrar Ul HaqueDaily Wager (Clerical)

ONLINE Disposal of PG grievances

Works relating to Smart City Project (sharing with Mr. Nayeem)

Correspondence related to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan and Sugham Bharat Abhiyan and any other related issued

Issuance of Custom Duty Exemption and GST Certification  to the different Departments/Offices of the University

Medical Reimbursement bills of the Staff of Registrar’s office and its retirees

Procuring the information via email for the Annual Report.

Entry of bills of consumables, stationery etc. pass of payment 

Filling up of online formats for sending to Computer Centre for creating link

Shagufta RasheedDaily Wager (Clerical)

Assist to Mrs. Huma Irfan in the Receipt and Dispatch works

Circulation for the Advertisement of the posts which are received from various Govt. and outside agencies

Maintaining of Files /Guard Files of the Section

Issuance of NOCs in coordination with Mr. Moonis

Works related to Medical Attendance Scheme (in coordination with Mr. Nayeem)

Huma IrfanDaily Wager (Fixed)
Receipt and Dispatch Works